About the Art

Norton finds artistic fulfillment through a natural union of art and the outdoors. He finds inspiration from his study of heritage, nature, and Celtic/Norse/Germanic history and mythology, combined with his pursuit of spiritual growth and enlightenment. Norton molds passion into pieces that he refers to as Forest Art. He works with the intrinsic beauty of selected materials to produce pieces that are perfectly imperfect like nature itself. Norton combines ancient and meaningful symbols and forms with natural materials and vintage accoutrements into what become meaningful, attractive, useful, and treasured pieces. Norton makes walking sticks, staffs, wands, amulets, talismans, incense burners, wood spirits, fairy homes and other creations.

All items are made with respect and admiration for material, culture, history and ancestors. Useof meaningful materials, symbols and decorations, with ancient traditions and moderninterpretations in mind, is key. Each piece of wood has its own personality, meaning,properties, and uses that want to be released. Each wood has specific properties and esotericuses. Norton leverages this in his creations.

Much of the wood is sourced locally with environmental considerations in mind. Norton obtains most of his material in an environmentally friendly manner, from downed trees, struggling trees, pruning, thinning and deadfall. Only naturally “dropped” wood from rare or old trees will ever be utilized. Norton obtains some wood from Europe and occasionally trade spieces with other artists. Nature is Norton’s church, so he strives to do no harm to the natural world in the acquisition of materials. Norton says his best work is achieved when his effort simply compliments the natural properties and energy of the material.

Walking sticks, wands, amulets and more have been used for centuries by Kings, Queens, Wizards, Shepherds, Witches, Mystics, and everyday folks. Norton walks hand in hand with the stick along the hidden and undiscovered creative path.

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