Wooden Mask
Wood Spirits
Wood Spirits
White Door
Dark Brown Door
Burned Ravens


Norton makes numerous other pieces including the following:

 Norton crafts wood spirits from bark while sitting around the campfire, striving to do as

little as possible to release the spirit of the piece. He often names them and refers to them

as Skeagh Shees or Irish tree spirits. Many cultures have a history of spirits in the trees.

People fall in love with these little friends.

 Brandubh board games, likely a predecessor of chess came to Ireland from the Norse as

hnefatafl. The game is simple in design and complex in strategy

 Fairy/gnome/castle doors (and sometimes houses) are ever popular. Norton seeks out old

barnwood and antique fixtures to give them an old world feel.

 Troll clubs, Shillelaghs and rabbit sticks are made when a stick can’t be used as a

walking stick.

 Other magical creations come from inspiration and stories of old. Many are tied to

ancient Celtic/Norse/Germanic mythology and history. Norton is forever researching and

creating new pieces. All are hand crafted one-of-a-kind items created in Norton’s