Rock Drake Wand
Wooden Wand
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Wands are one of Norton’s most popular products because he selects the starting wood carefully

and finishes the seasoned wands with positive intention and with respect to the natural

materials. Many are sourced locally like the walking sticks and others are acquired from


Some People Ask - Why a Wand?

In historical accounts, wands date back to Homer’s, “The Iliad and The Odyssey” and to ancient

Egypt. Wands have been used by Druids, Norse Seers, Witches, Wizards, Priests, Healers,

Sorcerers, Shamans, Emperors, Moses, and possibly even Jesus. Many staffs, scepters and

croziers were simply larger or more elaborate wands.

Wands have been used as symbols of authority and power, to connect earthly and spiritual

realms, to invoke vision, to aid in intention, divination, and to journey. Wands are used today

in religious practice, magical work, spell casting and more.

Norton’s personal connection to the wand comes from a Celtic/Druidic perspective. A wand

can assist us in uniting with nature. This is badly needed today as we are so very disconnected

from nature. The wand holds the spirit of the tree within the wood. Different species of tree

hold different and varying levels of metaphysical properties. A wand is a useful spiritual and

nature-based tool – for everyone. Allow yourself to feel the energy within and keep it with you

on your spiritual and natural quests.