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Norton sources these locally during the winter months when the sap is down in an

environmentally conscious and respectful manner. Most sticks are either down, damaged or

threatened by landowner, State or choking vine. Some just show up on Norton’s doorstep. He

seasons them for up to two years before beginning work on them. While most are strong and

able to be used for support Norton states clearly that his walking sticks and staffs are not

medical devices and are not meant to be substituted for them.

The making of walking sticks grew from Norton’s wandering ways. As a young man, he would

rove the hills of northeastern Pennsylvania, often with a stick for support and defense. Later, he

took to more planned hiking and backpacking, logging thousands of miles, a trusty stick along

for the trip. Early sticks were crudely made, often left at the trail’s end once completed. Over

time, Norton began to develop a passion for the creative process, including carvings, burnings

and found objects as part of his designs.

Norton’s sticks are meant to be used. While some are meant as an accessory worthy of a stroll

through town and into your local pub and others for protection in beating away dragons, trolls

and other unsavory characters, most are meant for support while walking, offering stability,

leverage and path clearing while out on a walking or hiking adventure.

Each stick is made by hand. No other person on the planet, or any other planet for that matter

will have another walking stick exactly like yours. Many hours of love are invested into each

stick. They must be discovered, transported, and stored to dry. Each is trimmed to size, sanded

and sanded some more, stained or colored or adorned and then finished with a combination of

Danish oil, polyurethane or other protective substances. ALL BY HAND.

The stick guides and determines its own ultimate design. Each piece of wood has its own

personality and energy that is released. Norton says his best work is achieved when his effort

simply partners with the stick with the intention of making it immortal. Norton often names the

sticks but prefers that you call yours whatever you want. Hopefully you will grow to call it


Walking sticks, in one form or another, have been used by Kings, Queens, Wizards, Shepherds

and everyday folks. They have been used as aids, weapons, magical wands, and symbols of

authority. Sticks are cool. So are people who use them.

Speak honestly and carry a cool stick!